Professional autonomy matters

We always anticipate that a well-informed person will be an asset to an institution or to an organization. But, we never consider a person who has a will to share the knowledge. On the contrary, in India, there is system of hiding information and not appreciating the team work or group activities and that is where the problem lies. in our country, who becomes a professor either a student who is the topper or the one who knows the art of buttering but not teaching. These students are trained by our professors wherein they learn the art of becoming a cunning student and gradually this art becomes their habit pattern. Eventually, they become addicted to this habit pattern.

Albeit, these students will be the future professors and they must be aware of how to share the knowledge and spread awareness briskly among students. They should be able to build reliance with students. Undoubtedly, they go through training process and pass the training. Nonetheless, they forget everything at the moment of receiving their certificate. At last, they come in the education industry with their baggage of acquired knowledge.

How can we expect from a person who never shared his/her acquired knowledge in school, college, and universities while he/she would do well in a field which demands a certain set of skills? But, he/she has a degree and some other certifications cannot allow or give rights to ruin the future of generations.



Let’s talk about a different kind of minority people in India. I am going to address it as a group of Muslim, Sikh, Christian, SC, ST, OBC or tribal people but, unfortunately not. I’d like to address them as a group of minority people who were existed even before independence. So, what kind of minority people are they?

It is a group of people who has the responsibility to enlighten our life, to develop our brains, to nurture our race. They play an enormously essential role in the development of future scientist, doctor, engineer, philosopher, teacher and list can go on… Now, I hope some of you might have understood whom am I talking about? (Yes, No, May be…) Certainly, I am talking about our teachers and professors, nonetheless, one of the highly underrated professions in India.

Although, some of you might be willing to argue that they are in majority, aren’t they? So, I want to make myself crystal clear that here so called “minority” word is for just a hand full of skilled teachers in a world’s second largest populated country who know the art of teaching and not just “How to impersonate the data on the board.” The skilled teachers or I’d like to call them “Growth Mindset” people as “Carol Dweck” talks about it in her book “Mindsets”. Apparently, the remaining or I’d call them the unfortunate majority people are the “Fixed Mindset” (as 5 marks question how many pages and not the quality work and so on and forth… Rest you all know… we all have seen them since our childhood). They are in majority, aren’t they? And, I believe that these “Growth Mindset” people are creating difference in the world and in India in IIIT’s, IIM’s, IIT’s, AIIMS’s, IISC’s, NIT’s and  some other universities as I don’t want to name them otherwise, it will be a national issue. Moreover, these people make an Institution more interesting place to be, to study, to do even dharna. Here, I must mention that these are an exceptionally well trained minority people and who proud to be called minority. Guys don’t misinterpret it, here, (minorities = skilled teachers) not any TOM, DICK AND HARRY (TDH).

At last, an illustration (I hope you all will enjoy it), all engineering students or for that matter any student of any discipline in the campus placement feels like our professors never discussed these real time scenarios (not even in practical class). And, Interesting point is that when you study from online material (Youtube, Netflix, online tutorial, google and so on…) then you grab a job. Our professors (fixed mindset one’s) feel like that have done something marvellous and they praise themselves rather than students efforts. It’s one of the characteristics of today’s majority people or (TDH). Take away from this illustration is that open your eyes and think of your future and that too from your own perspective. Don’t please your professors for grades.